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World of Tanks- Holy crap, i did wonderfull! by sniperwiner World of Tanks- Holy crap, i did wonderfull! :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 1 0
test poem 2: happyness and opinions
one thousand and five opinions.
my mind a minion...
or rather, a unconsenting battlefeild...?
socialism!democracy!morals!philosophies! and hy!-pothesies!...
all prevent attrocities...
to serve thyself, to serve others...
yet none speak as brothers...
it keeps the mind busy, sane.
yet...i search for a blame.
it tortures, it angers!...
yet, like any cliffhanger...
it brings the joy of exploration...
to india!to italy! to the americas!
it breathes the air of exhileration!... makes our deciciveness look like a replica....
it swings between joy and depression,
a swing, that leaves a impression.
shall we dance tonight my lover?
for i may soon be under a body cover...
huzzah! that shall not be today!
but i dont know when i shall enter that fray...
tick-tock-tick-tock...a pendulum in motion...
sure of itself, sure of its demotion...
all one day, all too much to be summed in words... manages, given enough blurbs...
and for now...the curtain shall fall...
and darkne
:iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 0 0
a test poem:rush
zip zip zip! vite vite vite! hurry hurry!
the world buzzes around in a flurry!
all the scenes ablury!
my thoughts ascurry!...
but why?...
are we not all sly?
we charge and rush and fuss,
it is as if we must!...
but, im tired of it.
for my brain is alit,
twenty-four eight.
it always searches for a mate...
constantly looking for a gate...
out of this madness,into happyness,
...and out of this constant sadness.
do you world, do the same?
or is my mind lame...
to you?
:iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 0 0
i belive i win good sir by sniperwiner i belive i win good sir :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 0 0 overkill demotivator by sniperwiner overkill demotivator :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 7 12 BuCUE demotivator by sniperwiner BuCUE demotivator :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 6 2 trapped as me by sniperwiner trapped as me :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 0 0 soviet jet over sea at sunset by sniperwiner soviet jet over sea at sunset :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 0 0 moon base 1 by sniperwiner moon base 1 :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 1 6 moon base 2 by sniperwiner moon base 2 :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 1 3 LAZORS DEMOTIVATOR by sniperwiner LAZORS DEMOTIVATOR :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 0 0 a freshly fired gun under dev by sniperwiner a freshly fired gun under dev :iconsniperwiner:sniperwiner 0 0


A reflection of our times?
December 7th, 1941.
A day that will live- oh hang on a second.
RIGHT. It's that OTHER great day in American History!
September 25th, 1789, the day that members of ou-
No no no, that's not right either.
OH! OH! I've got it!
June 17th, 1982, the day in which five-
Okay seriously I'm trying to remember something very important. Pretty sure it's super significant.
OH. It's FUCKING 9/11.
Roughly 11 years ago (ooooh coincidence, 11 years after the 11th daaaaay) a few aggravatingly devoted religious fundamentalists proceeded to carry out a well planned and rehearsed terrorist attack unlike any quite seen prior in Global History. The Sarin gas attacks in Tokyo? Rubbish. The 2005 London bombings? Child's play by comparison. The 2010 Moscow bombings? Amateur.
A trio of hijacked civilian aircraft brought a nation to its knees in possibly the most round about way of doing so- by having it commit to a War and Occupation unlike any previously in history. To say the organizations and planners behind
:iconrunawaydanish:RunawayDanish 1 2
Error 482 by deviantstorms Error 482 :icondeviantstorms:deviantstorms 8 12 Bethesdia Issue 7 by RunawayDanish Bethesdia Issue 7 :iconrunawaydanish:RunawayDanish 3 4 Fallout 3: one more VATS joke by RunawayDanish Fallout 3: one more VATS joke :iconrunawaydanish:RunawayDanish 21 18 RRT comic: Dollars for dimes by SteinWill RRT comic: Dollars for dimes :iconsteinwill:SteinWill 133 120
The Rise of Irvnarkkis Ch. 1
Chapter 1
The Invasion
Irvnarkkis, a red skinned Ssi-Ruu sauroid, lay on his large bunk in the Ssi-Ruuvi military instillation on the Imperium's most remote planet, Ssi-maaret. The large, two meter tall sauroid-soldier wondered why the Imperium had a base on this planet. The planet was cold for Ssi-Ruuvi standards; a little above the freezing point of water on a bad day, and almost warm on a good day… in the winter.
Irvnarkkis looked out the transparisteel window next to his bunk, and stared into the clear night. The wind kicked up great clouds of snow, and created small vortexes out over the plain. Irvnarkkis looked up into the now-familiar sky, and watched the stars and satellites cross the black fabric called space. As Irvnarkkis was studying, stars appeared out of nowhere, in a sector of the sky where hyperspace traffic was uncommon. This immediately set the sauroid on edge.
The stars grew brighter and large, and eventually formed into the outlines of unfamiliar starships. Red
:iconweasel102:Weasel102 3 0
Before the Storm by nilfthewoox Before the Storm :iconnilfthewoox:nilfthewoox 8 10 Apprentice's First Creation by IvyFoxfeather Apprentice's First Creation :iconivyfoxfeather:IvyFoxfeather 15 5
2113 :: Prologue
In 2034, the world ended.
That was how it seemed, anyways. In the midst of global peace, a group of radical North Korean anarchists had developed a hydrogen bomb and then proceeded to drop it onto Mumbai, India. The daring move had set off a series of nuclear attacks from one country to another as they tried to fight back against this powerful new surge. It was a nuclear holocaust; one that in the end had no true winner. Millions died, even more had radiation poisoning, and Planet Earth was dying all around. Even when the war ended a mere six years later, in 2040, the surface of the planet was so tainted and scorched it was hardly recognizable. World War II had been a playground scuffle compared to this.
In the aftermath of the war, the remaining nations of Earth collaborated and pooled all their resources to jump-start the space program. This was no longer a matter of exploration or scientific research. The survival of the human race depended on the success of inter-stellar flight. Sc
:iconartistagalactica:artistagalactica 5 12
ITC - Chapter 3
I promised Eric to have this done by a certain time, and right now my time is kind of limited so I'll try to keep this short. I try not to look back at what happened. But with what I have to do right now, I might as well write it down to forget it.
The name is Brandon Fletcher, and through what two of my friends may have mentioned about me previously, I rarely speak. Just part of my nature, magnifying on the trait that my patron species is known for. Quite frankly, I've become quite fond of the nickname my friends gave me afterwards, as a bit of a homage to the comic strip albums of Calvin and Hobbes that I collected over the years.
Besides the whole ordeal with the abductions, both by the CIA and the Greys, it's safe to say that I had a very uneventful time. Sure, there were a lot of people at my school back then that gossiped on whatever was out of the norm, but I was quick to ignore it. Perhaps it was just me flexing my claws in the middle of class that shut them up, or whether I re
:iconchapteraquila92:ChapterAquila92 1 9
The Cost of Freedom Chapter 02
The few days following what had happened after the liberation of Vladivostok were perhaps the most dramatic. An abandoned military base just outside of city limits was back up and running, the naval yard was once again being used for warships and submarines, and foundries began churning out materials for the war effort. Clothing-wise, it would take at least a week for textile mills to be mass-producing proper boots. Other than that, there was no trouble getting hold of a uniform – although the pants had to be one waist size larger and hemmed to not catch on the raised heels. The only other problem came from the chest spike, but that was easily fixed. This was two months before I acquired a maroon beret.
Somehow, I began to think like a military leader. Much like how I never envisioned myself as a leader, I never imagined that I’d end up wearing the uniform either. Even more bizarre is that as soon as the transformation passed, most of the men suddenly knew how to fight effect
:iconchapteraquila92:ChapterAquila92 11 49
The Cost of Freedom Chapter 01
My name is Dmitri Volkov. I had once been human, living a fairly simple human lifestyle. I still live that way, but I am no longer human. Whatever happened when the first psychic dominators went active, I know I will never be the same again.
At the time that the devices went off, I was working at the industrial plant in Vladivostok at the age of 28, having been considered too frail to be of use in the Red Army in the previous decade. I really was thankful for it, since my father died in the initial invasion of the United States as a conscript.
Anyways, this industrial plant was where I found a bit of work, constructing armoured vehicles for the war effort. By the time the war finished, so many apocalypse super-heavies had been built in our factory that most of the workers, including myself, had learned the basics of using the 125-tonne war machines. It was just too much of a familiar sight to us workers that most of us fell in love with the design and layout. Even after the war, we wer
:iconchapteraquila92:ChapterAquila92 7 64
Drakeling reference - comm. by Seastalker Drakeling reference - comm. :iconseastalker:Seastalker 10 2



United States
Current Residence: TEXAS FTW!!!
Favourite genre of music: new classical (as in early 1900)
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: none
Operating System: i wish xp. i got 7 with my laptop :(
MP3 player of choice: none
Shell of choice: none
Wallpaper of choice: (changes often)
Skin of choice: none
Favourite cartoon character: andrew waltfeld gundam seed
Personal Quote: its dissapointing you only have one life to use
Interests short i found more (ALOT more) people who think like me and had a relationship for awhile before breaking up which left me horridly depressed but most likely saved me from suicide those many months ago. i got to vist aussie land as put in my journal which gave me some of the best hours of my life meeting some freinds there and gave some wonderful experiences. im back and still probably will not check here too often but i dont intend to abanon DA completely. im drawing a little still as i get bursts of motivation and inspiration but dont expect art from me.

thanks for understanding to anyone who reads this and that cares.(and yes i'll awnser questions)
  • Listening to: trying for silence
  • Reading: nothing much since a few books ago
  • Watching: skype
  • Playing: life. : |
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing


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